Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Strong Quilt Composite

Greetings to all our Material Mavens and our followers and friends!  Randy sent me this composite quite a long time ago, but I've only recently returned home from another trip to California.  

As usual, Randy did a brilliant job with his arrangement.   I'll share that rationale with you now, in Randy's words!

"When the word, “strong” was announced I figured this was going to be all over the place – and it was/is. But it sure pulls at the heart strings – it sure pulled out the creative deep emotions this time. It shows that quilting is a true ART form.  

When I create these compositions I put all 15 images on the screen and sit back and see if a pattern develops, i.e. color, subject, material pattern, image, etc.  Frankly, at first blush, this one had me stumped.  But then it just appeared – I hope you see the pattern:

Strong people – and their emotions across the top.

Animals and the emotions they inspire in the next row.

The next row – color coordinated. The story of the lone oak leaf should tug at a Hallmark card – and I hope folks see the family name on the tree trunk. The perspective on the barbell image is wonderful.

The blue row – the face (but just didn’t seem to work for the top row)(and the color works better here), the squares in a square and the third image, “a bridge” – doesn’t that tie the 4th row to the last row?

The yellow row. And Tricia one and two had to stay together.

I tried Strong Baby (yellow) in the bottom row, but the face just didn’t work as well down there as the IDEA of “people” in the top row worked – and the colors work ok in the top row – even though Jane’s color would have worked in the top row also,  the theme did not."