Friday, January 16, 2015

Rita's MODERN: A Slice of Time or Modern Today, Not Tomorrow

This quilt challenge was just that for me, a challenge.  I first thought of Modern Art (do not really appreciate it).  Then I considered the genre of Modern Quilts (they do not really appeal to me).  My Dear Husband was campaigning for a depiction of the evolution of a primitive outhouse to modern toilet facilities (don’t think so!).  So what do I do? However, Randy did jog my thinking of how things change over time and what was once modern very quickly becomes outdated.  Automobiles are such an example.  In my original concept, I was going to use five vehicles: 1. horse drawn buggy  2. 1911 Model T  3. 1957 Chevy  4. 1994 Buick and  5. 2015 Corvette.  The patterns were sized for all five and a portion of each was chosen (from the back of the buggy to the front of the Corvette.)  But as I started to work, I quickly realized this was not going to work because a slice that narrow allowed me so little room for the background.   I then made the decision to eliminate 2 of the vehicles and what you see here is the Model T, the ’57 Chevy, and the 2015 Corvette.

I first decided on the sky and earth for each slice and seamed them together.  I then created the background scenes:  a country farm scene, a drive-in diner, and the Dallas skyline. The autos were then overlaid on top of the backgrounds.  Everything is fused raw edge applique which is then quilted around all of the hard edges.  Colored pencils were used to add some highlights and a bit of color in a few places.

On our first round of little art quilts, my self-imposed rule was that each 12 x 12 would be gallery wrapped around a wooden frame.  On my Contrast (the October reveal and 1st of this series), I added a small flange and a traditional binding.  I have decided this finish will be my “new rule”.  For Modern, I used an off white flange and a black binding.