Friday, January 22, 2016

The Pun Composite!

A GREAT BIG and sincere APOLOGY – to Jane:
When I created the PUN composite I counted and recounted, checked and double checked the Pun reveals. I even had your excellent pun in the file and ready to include in the composite. But somehow my brain overlooked it and I did not include “Negative Space” – come to think of it – how appropriate – in the final version. Alice alerted me to the fact and graciously offered to let me remove the back of her “Pair of Pears, Pared” to make room for your quilt. Jane – your quilt says it all – I will be more careful hereafter and think of your pun as they frown at me from space – negatively – I am so sorry!

I look forward to “posting” day, probably as much you do. As you would guess, with my work in the field of humor this round was especially exciting and from your comments, challenging – and you did not disappoint. Indeed, you are pun-stitchers.

Then my challenge: Arrange them in some kind of logical order. I’m not convinced “logical” and “pun” should even be used in the same sentence unless you add words of creativity.  Afraid I can’t say there is really an order this time. All the quilts are fantastic groaners, not only in the sense of humor they interpret but in the new techniques you used to illustrate your witticisms. I also congratulate you on the way your quilts visually “speak” your puns.    

If I were still on the gravy circuit I would be seeking permission to use Carol’s “Poet-Tree” and Judy’s “I Scream Cone” – both delightful hoots in color and message. Mathematicians are probably worn out hearing pies are round, not square, but Kathy took a new spin at it. Alice, our retired English teacher, sure did tweak what we should realize for how difficult it must to be teach English as a second language. I to [intentional] get confused as two how to write through or though or how many “s-s” in dessert or desert or is it pair or pare or pear??????  

Then the visual clues in Tricia’s Cornfield County is good for a scene in the old Hee! Haw! show. Carolyn, do we need to give the composite a PG if I hang it up at church because of “Hindsight?” Looks like those folks could get a little behind in their work if they don’t keep stitching. [What a visual treat!]

The quilts made by Gail, Andrea, Karen, and Sara are interesting lessons in punning. You must add information [know something more] to get the “groan” which makes the puns all the more sophisticated and more of a moaner [or, as Sara said, “banned from the house!”]. For instance: Gail, what is that symbol? Andrea, what is Resist? [Resist arrest?]; Sara, is Yin and Yang really on the ironing board? Wow – good job all!

Nedra, I think you would have had the right to whack your husband if he woke up and said, “Honey, I feel your pain!” Yet another well-known cliché we husbands say without thinking. Glad you didn’t. That cake looks yummy but should it have been spelled “peace?”