Thursday, July 14, 2016

Jane's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Quilt

What a truly unique prompt! Think about Mary Poppins, umbrellas, fun, happy. I looked up the meaning and found that it originated many years before that movie. The feeling I got was that it was over the top and positive.

I have been studying with Jane Dunnewold since March when I went to her studio in San Antonio for a week. It has really changed the way I look at designs on fabric whether it is color, texture, or meaning.
This is the first time I have studied color theory. Most of the time I had just picked out what looked good to me with very good results. Now I am learning why those colors work well together. I have painted many color wheels. I am trying to complete a research project. I have learned more about dyeing particular colors.

All of this is to say that the colors dance around in my head all the time in a very positive way that is rather “over the top.”

My quilt started with a fabric dyed with Blue 400 in a failed experiment. I screen printed a color wheel on it; then I began to paint it with textile paints from Pro Chemical. I had to use opaque white paint first to block the blue background. I used a stencil brush to add the spots of paint. I wrote the word around the color wheel twice spiraling out. It is not very easy to see the letters. Next I quilted it using a spiral pattern outside the color wheel.

It is really very simple but my way to interpret the longest word ever.

Candace Berry

Photos: Treasure Map, Black Canyon and Sleep with the Angels by Candace Berry

My art journey began with traditional quiltmaking and wearable art. I have exhibited my work in galleries, charity events, and art competitions.My work was juried in Hoffman Challenge and Sulky Challenge.
I love learning new techniques and experimenting with my ideas and designs.
My husband and I live in a wooded area which greatly influences my work. I have a fondness for rusty old things and found objects.
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