Thursday, July 7, 2011

Greetings from Barbara

Hello to the Mavens! Yes, Alice, I am Barbara Friedman from San Diego, CA. I have been quilting since 1985. I love to push the traditional pattern with bold fabrics. I have taken sketching and watercolor journaling classes and will be using my sketches in my art quilts (that's the plan!) I have a flickr site where you can see some of my sketches and a couple of quilts. When you are on, my site is BarbaraF2010. My part time job is working with adults with Acquired Brain Injury and for this month I am teaching young children to knit in a summer school program.


  1. Well, Carolyn's detective work paid off--she found you. I will go to that Flickr site soon, and so can any of our other Material Mavens! How exciting about using the sketching in your art quilts! I WANT to do that, too, but am not sure I have the sketching skills, but this is all about learning new skills and developing and honing ones we already have, right??? What a challenging and rewarding part time job you have, and how fun for the kids you are teaching to knit!

  2. Hi Barbara,
    I went to your flicker site and was thrilled to see your sketches. You have a distinct style that is alive with fun and frivolity. Your work made me smile! So glad to have you in our quilt challenge group!

  3. HI Barbara...Glad you joined the group. I find your drawings inspiring...making me want to pick up pen or pencil to draw, draw, draw!