Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Note About Carolyn

Greetings Everyone,

As some of the others have done, I thought it would be nice to share a bit about myself.

I've lived in Dallas, TX for about 40 years, and am the mother of two lovely daughters (in Houston and Austin) and a grandmother to three. My first quilt was 24 years ago when I made a baby quilt for my first grandchild who is now married and recently moved to Dallas (much to our delight!). I am a registered nurse, but have also worked in education and retired from advertising. I know, it's a strange twist in careers!

Today my life centers around my husband, a college professor, my kids/grandkids, my church, and my hobbies - quilting, gardening and playing the dulcimer. I have only one my quilts hanging in my home (see photo if I can figure out how to do this). It's my most recent quilt, and my first art quilt (well almost). I've made about 8 or so quilts for my daughters and grandchildren.

I'm in this group because I am bored with traditional quilts, and much prefer and appreciate a "free spirit" when it comes to quilting. I am NOT an artist. I have no skills in drawing or painting. I have not experimented with a host of quilting techniques. BUT, I am eager to focus my energy on the creative process, to learn as I go, and to embrace the challenge of working with all of you.

I think this will be an exciting adventure!

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  1. Carolyn's beautiful art quilt is also pictured behind my head on my profile picture! Now why is that? Well, we attended the same weeklong workshop a year ago. Our own Judy Steward of this group quilted her quilt and mine as well. I had Carolyn's pinned to my design wall and took my own picture with my camera on a timer, and I think it makes a great back-drop! Carolyn claims not to be an artist, but years and years ago, I took a class in decoupage and decorative painting from her. Okay, so doesn't that make her an artist?