Friday, August 19, 2011

Following Fiber Art

Dear Material Mavens,

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    Our smart Andrea alerted me to the Mancuso Quilt Show in Manchester NH. She rounded up friends to attend the show and meet for lunch. What a thrill to enjoy art quilts from all over the world, to purchase important tools for making art quilts, and meet ultra- talented friends who know about our blog, people awaiting our "reveal." I was told I could take photos everywhere, but had to ask permission in the vendors' booths. Here are a few snapshops from the show. I regret I didn't get the artists' names.


  1. I didn't get any names either.........too many things to look at, but I have photos to share.

  2. I posted a question on our Yahoo site but did not get any answers. I guess that's not a good communication tool. My husband made his 1st quilt and it is hanging at this show! If anyone has a photo of it I would love to see it hanging! It's called "Mishpokhe in Maui" (Our family spends Thanksgiving in Maui)

  3. Hi Barbara! At least you know how to find our Yahoo site. Brava. Maybe you can post a photo of your husband's quilt and we can all chime in that we saw it w our recollections. We did see everything!...a manageable show.

  4. Hi Barbara,

    I'm so sorry that I never saw your question on our Yahoo site...I'm still not getting the daily digest that I requested when I set up my preferences. Anyway, I'm also sorry that I don't remember if I saw your husband's quilt or not. Although wonderful, the show does get a bit overwhelming after the first couple of hours! My sincere congratulations to him having a quilt in the show...especially his first!

  5. I'm sorry that the Yahoo site isn't working as we hoped it would! I have "tinkered" with the settings to try to make it more user-friendly, but perhaps there is more that I can do. But anyway, now we have some posts here on our blog, which gets more "traffic" anyway! What was your question, Barbara?