Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Judy Back from Missouri

I have traveled to and from Missouri where I visited my Mom, sisters, brother and father-in-law. I packed in as much family, art, and food as possible in the short week. My sister, Susan and brother, Stephen live close to Mom so we were able to visit quite a bit. Susan, Mom and I went to my sister, Peggy's house in St. Peters and met up with our sister, Heidi. During my stay I was able to go to the St. Louis art museum, see beautiful artwork at the Martinsburg church where I had my wedding, see quilts and wedding dresses at their library, go to our favorite childhood bakery for cream horns (called cream puffs when we were young), take a tour of Susan's flowers and have a bar-b-que picnic at her house, visit my brothers place, enjoy the fantastic cool temperatures and all the nature around (hummingbirds and gold finches were plentiful!), and tuck in time to make a bag to see if it will be a good class to teach when I got back to Texas. Yesterday, was my day to readjust back to my life at home. I'm almost unpacked now. That's what I have been up to.


  1. I am breathless. What a wonderful time and glad you had a cooling. Curious about that bag and how you pulled that off!

  2. Welcome home, Judy. Wow, did you pack a lot into your time in Missouri. And how wonderful that the weather cooperated, giving you a respite from the relentless heat we've endured in Texas this summer! Like Linda, I am most curious about that bag and will look forward to seeing it.

  3. That's all? I'm glad you had time to enjoy your family AND do fun things together.