Saturday, August 6, 2011

Judy's Studio

I met Judy last night at an art gallery, where an opening reception was being held for a new exhibit.  We met up there so that she could pass on my Three Boys quilt that she's just quilted for me.  Judy has rented some space above the gallery in a loft area for a studio.  She works at home still, a lot, but this is a space where she can spread out.  She keeps one sewing machine at the studio, and the one she uses to free motion quilts for herself and for compensation, she keeps at home.  I thought our Mavens might like to see Judy's space, so here are some photos:

Here's Judy in her space.  The quilt she's working on behind her, I think she said, she's off and on been working on it for a lot of years! Quilting friends from the Guild gave her hundreds of the little squares of fabric.

The "long view".  The empty table beside Judy's space represents some space yet
to be rented.  But when needed, for now, Judy can "spill over" onto this table.

I was fascinated by the exposed wall up here!  You know how we art quilters see pattern, texture, color
everywhere we look?  This wall is so beautiful!

A closer look at the wall.  It has this interesting mix of normal looking brick
and then those squares of, what perhaps concrete blocks?
 Judy speculated that perhaps this
building had been damaged in the famous tornado of 1953
 (before SHE was born!) and that the
mix of building materials was to repair damaged walls.

  This shows off the
quilt-in-process well!


  1. How glorious to have that space. Is that a watercolor quilt...or does it go by another name. I have wanted to do something like that and even thought of it for "harmony" but I did something else. Thanks, Alice, for taking the photos; and congrats to the two of you for finishing a lot of things recently.

  2. It is kind of a watercolor quilt. Watercolor quilts seem to have fabrics that have a lot more flowers (different colors) in them yet they read as one color, they have a lot of texture in each square. It has more of a pointillism look to it. Mine is one where I have all kinds of fabric from solid to novelty. I received them in an exchange from a small group of our guild members when the year 2000 was coming up. (See how long ago it was?) We exchanged 2" squares so that each of us would end up with 2000 different pieces of fabric.

  3. I have read that some have watercolor quilts with flowers in all of the little bitty squares and some have other subject matter in the little bitty squares...even abstracts. What a neat exchange your group had and you have done a lot with them!

  4. I love the wall (and of course your work Judy!). I always seem to be taking pictures of walls, floors and trees when I travel.

  5. Oh, how fun to have Sara now reading the blog and commenting! Welcome, Sara. That wall was so neat. Don't be surprised if it shows up some day, somehow, in a MM quilt!