Monday, August 1, 2011

New Yahoo group & camera


I'm so pleased that Alice has set up a private Yahoo group for us to communicate. The past few mornings I have been reading the Twelve x 12 book and doing alot of highlighting! A number of their members have mentioned how valuable it has been both creatively and personally to be able to have a private forum ( their Yahoo group ) in conjunction with their blog. This is my first experience with actually being part of a blog, and even though I am thrilled to be a member, I am not as of yet completely comfortable with posting thoughts & ideas to share with "the world".
Another idea that I'm trying to adopt from the book is the importance of documenting the various "ideas" that I put up on my design wall. I have a small digital camera that I carry around with me in my pocketbook for those "just in case" Kodak moments,
but am now trying to make it a habit to bring the camera with me to my studio. Many times I have been "playing" and put things on the wall, think that that combination is "kind of interesting", and I will remember it. Well, I now have to admit, that I don't.
I do remember that I liked SOMETHING, but never seem to be able to replicate again ( and spend WAY TOO much time trying! ).
This might actually lead to having another "dedicated" studio camera!


  1. Andrea - Great idea about the Yahoo group AND the camera. I'm keeping my little digital in my studio!

  2. Andrea, thanks so much for suggesting the private Yahoo group! And your ideas for using a camera to document the process of constructing your quilts are excellent. I already do that myself, as my camera "lives" in my quilting room. (From now on, I am calling it my studio; that makes me feel as if I am a "real" art quilter!) Now whether the photos I take of the inevitable false starts ever get published is another matter! Knowing myself, I imagine I'll take each of my 3 ideas and come up with at least some version of Harmony, before I decide which one will be taken all the way to completion. So that quilt and the photos of it in process will be what I publish here.

  3. Super idea...I did document mine for fear the children would dismantle it...but in the meantime I have a stage recorded Hip hip hooray. Thanx for the reminder.

  4. So Ladies........are you going to have any photos of anything? Work in progress, ideas, etc. I am very curious.

  5. I wish, Carol, but I think we are waiting until the end of each two month session to have an unveiling on-line, the first on September 15, the second on November 15. You can view the dates under the topic "Revised Schedule."

  6. Hi Carol,
    I think that would be add "work in progress" photos after the reveals. As a "process" person I am really intrigued by knowing how others create/what inspired their work/what techniques were used ( or rejected ).
    If others are willing to share ( or comfortable sharing ) that information, I think that would benefit all. Thanks for asking!