Friday, September 9, 2011

Almost Reveal Time

We have less than a week before our first big reveal. I would like a clarification on what to include for our post on the 15th. I know that we post a photo, but what else as far as written info?
I have time this weekend because we didn't get to travel to Northern CA to see our grandson due to the huge blackout in San Diego County! We were at the airport right after it happened and were interviewed by ABC news! We rescheduled our cancelled Thursday flight to Friday which was also cancelled! We decided to stay home!


  1. Great question Barbara. I personally would love to know what inspired each of us to make what we made, and explain the techniques used.

  2. AND, I would like to read about it :)

    You go girls!!!!

  3. I think Andrea has put it very well! In addition, your title should include your name and the word harmony, as in "Alice's Harmony Quilt". If you name your quilt, you might put "Barbara's Harmony Quilt--____________."
    It would be fun if the photo was up at the top for all to see immediately! And then a brief description, as Andrea says, discussing your inspiration and your techniques. We might keep these brief, but a few days later, if you took "in process" pictures, you might [this is of course optional] post again, this time discussing your quilt at greater length, with the process photos included. IF you took any!