Thursday, October 27, 2011

Delighted to be Invited

I want to thank Andrea and Alice for the opportunity to be part of a new creative experience!! Andrea and I have been friends for many years as we are members of the same quilt guild and we are currently co-chairing a 12 X 12 challege for our group. It has been a great experience for me, pushing me out of my safe box of fairly traditional quilting. I welcome the opportunity to be a member of a group eager to try new things!!!

I have been quilting about 25 years and started off with traditional designs. I enjoyed piecing and applique, but spent the first 5-10 years working on patterns and kits. Once I became more skilled and comfortable, I tried original designs, but they were frequently inspired by things I had seen in magazines or shows; I "copied" very well. I have gotten increasingly interested in doing more original work. I have experimented with embellishments, fusing, stenciling and a little painting and dying, although I still usually work with commercial fabrics. My long-range goal is to create my own fabric, utilizing some of these techniques, as I want to develop a personal style. I also enjoy the quilting process and enjoy hand and machine quilting. Bright colors appeal to me and my most recent quilts have incorporated Kaffe Fassett fabrics. The picture above is my most recently completed quilt. The best way to describe my quilting style and work is to say it is always evolving and I am willing to try almost anything.

On a personal note, I am a retired dietitian, originally from Louisiana. LSU is my college alma mater and I completed a dietetic internship in Virginia. Vermont, Maine and Massachusetts have been my homes for the past 30 years. John is my husband and we have two children and two dogs. My other interests include travel, tennis, skiing, gardening, boating and volunteer work. That's probably enough about me.

Again, I'm so happy to be a member and have an idea for the Surprise theme!!


  1. So good to learn more about you, Nedra! I loved reading about you, and the quilt image you posted is just lovely. I so identified with so much of what you said. Like you, after years of using others ideas, designs, and patterns, I am eager to branch out on my own and come up with my own designs. This is a great way to start! Once again, welcome. And notice that your personal blog is now in the sidebar at the left!

  2. HI Nedra, I look forward to meeting you. My husband's sister and bro-in-law are long time LSU connected. I enjoyed your blog immensely. Linda

  3. Congratulations on becoming a Material Maven, Nedra! Looking forward to seeing your new designs!

  4. Welcome Nedra! Love your quilt and was delighted to learn more about you! Sounds like you are on track with the rest of us, and I am so glad that we are now a baker's dozen!

  5. You're welcome Nedra! I'm so pleased that you have become
    our 13th member.
    When anyone has a chance do look at the August 24, 2011 Glorious Applique ( side bar ) blog and look at Nedra's finished quilt top. It is FABULOUS! It is based on a pattern by Kim McLean, but Nedra added her own elements...enlarge the photo and look her Sunbonnet Sues.

  6. Welcome Nedra - I am so glad you could join the challenge. I looking forward to seeing how you see surprise. I just narrowed down my concept and hope to get it done right after IQF.