Monday, December 12, 2011

Alaskan Greetings From Judy W. (aka Jude)

Spring Fling (my SAQA 2011 Auction Piece)
Much appreciation to everyone for enthusiastically welcoming me into the fold, with a special thanks to Kathy, who knew nothing of my ongoing interest in joining the Mavens until she phoned me last week.  I’m extremely excited to journey artistically with each of you as we share our combined creative strengths.

Husband Kurt, our two daughters Kristen, Kari and Son-in-Law Joshua, and my parents all reside in Anchorage and have encouraged my art from day one.  Even my West Highland White Terrier Maggie Mae, who routinely fled from my studio when I machine sewed, now keeps me company in my basement studio since her hearing started failing this year.

My quilt journey began in a 1988 class which covered all the basics start to finish.  From that point on, I shelved most all other creative interests to pursue my quilt addiction.  I’ve taken and taught classes, had a few quilts published in magazines, developed four quilt patterns (retail) in the mid-90’s, offered my services as a consignment quilter/designer for four years, and worked in a local quilt store.  I also organized a local quilter’s (weekend) bazaar two years, with huge success. 

As an Anchorage Log Cabin Quilt Guild member since 1990, I have participated in several satellite groups through the years.  I’m currently completing a third year with a Round Robin Group.  A few years prior to Kathy’s move to Texas, she and I became SAQA members and ‘art quilt partners’ to seriously study fabric art techniques and surface design as they pertain to art quilting.  She and I produced three art quilt First Friday events.

I pursue art quilting for the creative challenge and a desire to combine the various fiber arts, beading, painting and sewing experience I've learned thus far, into mixed-media quilts. Bold colors, garden themes and texture frequently surface in my work,  and my personal goal is to try something new in everything I do.
This photo depicts one of my favorite, more recent art pieces.   The background fabric was a dyeing session with Kathy which I later doodled with fabric markers, machine free motion quilted and then heavily beaded - not my norm.  It is called Zentipede because it reminded my daughter and I of a centipede and the Zen comes from Zen art doodling which I'd been exploring.  I was glad to see Zentangle mentioned in a previous comment.  Zentangle and Zendoodle are the same thing.

I'm glad to announce the 'south' theme finally gelled in my mind this afternoon. I know the what, but have to work on executing the how.  This evening I completely caught up with reading ALL of the previous MM posts and comments.  So glad to be on board with all you Mavens!


  1. Judy, you are quite the art quilter. I would like to take that beginning course you mentioned where all the basics are covered!!
    Thanks for this informative and artful posting! Loved reading it. LH

  2. What a wonderful addition you are already making to the MMs! Your work is exquisite, and in addition, you are a such a good writer! Welcome, welcome, welcome! Can't wait to see your South quilt!

  3. Your kind comments fill my heart. Thank you. :)

  4. I am looking forward to your contributions! Your work is in a word, beautiful!