Monday, January 16, 2012

Labeling Our Posts: Elemental Blog Organization

Judy commented about my use of labels at the end of my South theme posting tonight.  I'm addressing this subject here so hopefully everyone will see it and make use of labels on their own posts.  In doing so, the Maven's blog will provide a means for members and outside readers to track specific artists, themes or any other relevant  labels used.  (Alice, as Administrator you will need to add a Labels Gadget in the sidebar if you want the labels to show as a Menu).  Labels at the end of each posting act as a link to all other Maven's blog posts with that label.

Most important of all would be using our NAME as the primary label for every post we submit.  Secondly, on reveal day, the THEME should also be a designated label.  Beyond that, anything goes as long as it's relevant. I suggest keeping it simple.  Too many labels become laborious to navigate. As an example, instead of listing all the various types of Piecing, Dyeing or other techniques and Embellishments possible, just use those main labels. 

When you create a new post, select appropriate labels from the drop down menu of labels or type in new ones as needed.  Do this before you 'publish' your post.

It's never too late to revisit your older posts following these steps:

1. Log onto Material Maven's blog

2. Select - New Post in the upper right corner. (you won't actually be posting)

3. Select - Material Maven's in the upper left corner.

4. You are now on the page that shows all of the posts, since day one to present.
Note:  Those of you who created drafts and later submitted different posts on the same subject can delete those drafts. They are obsolete now.

5. Select - Edit on your most recent post.

6. Select - Labels located on the right.  It will show the complete labels list from which you will select the appropriate labels for your post, and add ones as needed.  Especially your name!

7. Select - Update located at the top of the page. After saving, it will return you to the Posts page.

8. Repeat the above steps for each of your posts.  You may have to do this in separate ssessions but since our blog is relatively new, now is the best time to bring it up to date.

I hope this encourages my fellow Maven's to make the best use of our blog posts as a reference source.   Respectfully yours, Judy Wedemeyer


  1. It's ok that you saw the labeling in a different way. Both are important. You are right about making it easier to follow certain blog posts by labeling them. This will become quite a volume of information and when we can quickly and easily find someones post about their quilt it will be helpful. Sometimes I'll go on a blog and quit looking because there is just too much to search through.
    The blog archive does help. I was able to hunt down the info I wanted, but I had some idea when the info was posted.

  2. Thanks, Judy, for this helpful suggestion! Mavens, Judy W. has more experience with blogging than I; I've only been at it a few years. I will follow her suggestion here to add a Labels Gadget to the sidebar. I'm glad Judy W. mentioned deleting those drafts, too. I've noticed lots of them myself. Okay, now to follow Judy W's excellent suggestions!
    I think that I know what Judy S. means by "seeing labels in a different way." I think what she meant in her comment was that all of us need to remember to make a physical label for our little 12"x12" quilts for the sake of posterity!