Friday, June 15, 2012

Kathy H's Dream Studio!

Greetings again, Mavens and others!  I just posted about my fun day silk screening with Kathy H., one of our fellow Mavens.  Now I want to show you photos of her state-of-the-art studio!

Behind Kathy's machine is a gorgeous piece of art which functions as a bulletin board.
This was fabricated from steel which was blow-torched, resulting in various and gorgeous
colors.  My picture doesn't do it justice, because of the flash reflecting in
its surface.  But believe me, it is beautiful.
Moving around to the left you see shelves with books, DVDs, etc.
with a work surface running along the wall beneath the shelves.

More of the same wall, the other side of the window.  Kathy's Handi-Quilter is here.

Behind a curtain are shelves on rollers where more supplies are store.

Here is that closet with the curtain concealing its contents.

The 4th wall holds more shelves.  Kathy decoupaged fabric on the
sides of these shelves to make them more attractive.

In a study/guest room is a big closet where all of Kathy's quilts
are stored.

Behind the door to her studio, pegboard and tools.

On the back of the door, a shoe caddy with more tools.

This and the next pictures show the high shelves storing more
necessities.  Batting above.

Threads of many varieties stored in bins, carefully labeled.

A close-up of the thread bins.


  1. Love seeing the photos of Kathy's studio! Very organized but I especially love the shelving above the door.

    1. Hi Andrea - The high shelving is on all the walls except where I have the metal bulletin board.... I didn't want anything interfering with that beautiful work of art ! And actually, the shelves were the result of finally admitting I didn't have enough room in the studio. That meant: getting the cabinet maker back to do all the measuring, etc.; fabricating and installing the shelves, and then getting the painters back on board 'cuz those shelves are way too high for me to paint, even on a ladder. And then, of course, cabinet makers had to come back and do the trim work and final installation. Whew ! Big job, but I LOVE those shelves :-)

  2. I would like to have all those goodies and an organized studio! Thanks for the photos!

    1. Hi Linda - We moved from Anchorage, AK to Gatesville, TX exactly 2 years ago, and have spent most of these past 2 years building our new home. The studio was the very last thing to get done, and in that interim time, I spent hours and hours pouring over the "STUDIOS" magazines published quarterly by Interweave Press. When I was finally able to meet with cabinet makers, carpenters, electricians, painters, etc. I had an entire 3-ring binder filled with ideas that I thought would work for my needs. There were times when the contractors didn't exactly understand why I wanted things the way I wanted them, but they honored my requests (demands ??), kept referring back to that 3 ring binder, and I ended up with a studio that feels like I've finally come home. I'm so grateful for this beautiful work space.... actually, it's my "play space" and I love it !

  3. What a treat for me to see all these photos. If a picture is worth a thousand words... with all these photos I better sum it up in one ~ WOW! Thanks Alice for your photographic and posting prowess. (I assume you are the responsible party since Kath is still computer challenged) :D This post truly made my day. Thanks

    1. Yes, Kathy confessed to me that she remains rather computer and photography "challenged"! I've told her that I would be happy to show her some of what I have recently learned about both. She spoke of you so many times yesterday, recounting times that the two of you had worked together. What an artist she is! And what an impressive body of work, not to mention an impressive amount of "raw materials" and supplies for a quilt artist!

  4. What organization! Very enjoyable.

  5. Kathy, I love your organization. It is so tidy and efficient and visually comfortable.nhow do you access the batting and other high storage.? Is it difficult to put the batting away when you do get it down? Thanks for posting the pictures Alice.

    1. Hi Sara - I keep a 3-step, step ladder in the studio (behind the door and next to the peg board where my rulers are stored). I can usually reach the things I need with that ladder, but for the really high things [like the extra rolls of batting] I have to bring in the big ladder, and occasionally will ask my husband to help me out. For everyday access to batting, we came up with a great idea that I got from the "Studios" Magazine (Interweave Press). The cabinet maker mounted my Handi-Quilter table on a beautiful cabinet that has open storage at each end, with a drawer above each of those open storage areas. The central area was designed to hold an entire roll of batting (I prefer Warm & Natural). We slide a long pole through the roll of batting and then put the pole into the slots that were mounted on the inside of that cabinet. It's similar to a toilet paper holder..... super sized ! When I need batting I simply pull out the amount I need, cut it, then roll the batting back up and into the cabinet ! When I finish with the roll I'm using now, we'll get one of the 'stored' batts down from the high shelves and mount it in the cabinet described above. Also....... every cabinet, table, shelf, etc. is mounted on wheels, so I'm able to re-configure the studio at a moment's notice. At times, the cabinet maker and carpenters thought I was crazy, but when I need to move a piece of equipment (or a cabinet), having everything on wheels makes it delightfully easy :-D Thanks for your questions ! Peace & blessings, Kathy