Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mystery Quilt Mosaic

Here all the Mystery Quilts in a mosaic.  Starting at the top, the quilts were constructed by Mavens Barbara, Carolyn, Andrea (first row); Judy W., Linda, Petra (second row); Alice, Patti, Nedra (third row); Rita, Judy S., Sara (4th row), and then making up the 5th row, Kathy.  

Sorry it's taken me so long to assemble and post this, but I've been out of town and away from an accessible computer.

Anyway, these quilts are all so beautiful and varied, and it is so much fun to see them all together.
This particular program arranges the photos in no particular order than I can discover, but somehow, the arrangement ends up looking spectacular!  

Enjoy, and send your friends an invite to look at them all!


  1. Thanks for the work! I saw Andrea at the quilt show in Boston and she opened up her computer and was excited to see the mosaic! She may be showing it around even now.

  2. This is a beautiful mosaic, and I enjoyed going back and re-reading each contribution. Thanks so much for all your work and congratulations!