Sunday, July 15, 2012

Andrea's Daydream

My Garden Cottage
I daydream of someday, hopefully within the next couple of years, moving into a small weather-ed grey cottage surrounded by flowers with a backyard large enough to construct  a very, VERY large studio!

Pieced and fused using commercial and hand-dyed, silkscreened fabric.


  1. Andrea,
    How adorable! I love the simplicity and the dimension of your door and shutters. Thanks for the inside peek at that. The colors and simple shapes of this just makes me smile! Love the shingle quilting on the roof.
    I'm rooting for you to get your dream cottage soon!

  2. Love it - the dream and the quilt!! Great colors, flowers and house!! Will the studio be BIGGER than your house?! :)

    1. In my dream...YES! One of my concepts was to make a "bird's eye view" of my dream, but when I sketched it out, it just looked look two rectangles, one much smaller than the other, representing the roofs: large rectangle would have been the roof of the studio, and smaller one, roof of the house.
      VERY boring!

  3. Oh, wow, Andrea! A beautiful and charming quilt! It reminds me of the work of Laura Wasilowski, and I am sure that Carolyn will agree! I have simply fallen in love with all of your 12x12's, but this might well be the one that strikes a chord with me the most. Such lovely fabrics, such a superb design, and I love the daydream that lies behind it. I hope that someday this daydream comes true!

  4. Oh I love this...your cutting, layering and quilting...fabric choices and beyond. What happened to the second view with open door and window.
    It will happen I am sure!

  5. I thrill at your fearless use of color with a touch of black and white that just electrifies the look. My pulse quickened the minute I saw this. The 3D shutters and door, fabulous white picket fence and the printing on your gray house are extra details that send this winner into the stratosphere.

  6. Hi Andrea - Great quilt ! Love your choice of fabrics, colors, details, and the dimensional layering of all the elements. LOVED that you used some of your silk-screened fabric !

  7. This is such a happy quilt and so reflective of Andrea's "voice" or style!! The use of silk screening, black and white, wonky structures, 3-D effects and bright colors are techniques she incorporates so effortlessly into her work. The shingle stitching is a nice touch. Love it!

  8. Well Andrea, this is simply my favorite of all of your 12x12s. A dream cottage with a studio!!! I say go for it! Your choice of colors and details are just perfect. Laura Wasilowski would be proud of you!!!