Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Central Texas Mavens Show Their Stuff!

Kathy, Alice, Rita, and Judy S.

Last night at our Homespun Quilters' Guild of Waco, Judy S., Kathy, Rita, and I brought all six of our MM quilts to display.  It was one of our "Bee Buzz" nights.  A Bee Buzz is something that my co-chair of programs and I started last year.  During this program, a couple of bees talk about the history of their bee, its organization, what members do during their meetings, and then show some of the work they have worked on either as a group project or individually, during the meetings of the bee. 

We Mavens are a part of a very loosely-organized art quilt bee in our Guild, but we've only met twice and when I say loose, I mean truly loose!  So chiefly we discussed our online group and how it works.  We displayed our MM quilts on three foam core display boards.  Judy's, Kathy's, and my quilts were pinned to the left and right of the displays, and Rita's gallery wrapped quilts were in front on plate stands.  Rita's talented husband assembled and printed up composites of all the quilts from Harmony through Daydream.  These were the big posters you see in the center of the tri-fold displays.

I told about the formation of our online group and how it works, and then Judy talked about the two times the local art bee has met and what we did then.  Anyway, we thought you'd enjoy seeing pictures of the four of us and our displays.  

When Judy asked the assembled guild members if any had questions, one member asked "What do you DO with these little quilts?"  I replied, "We treasure them!"   I further explained that some of us keep them displayed at home all the time, others keep them in a box.  Rita is going to display hers on a long hall at her church, and that's one reason why her husband made the posters!

I think soon I will suggest that all of you email me with photos of where you keep your little MM quilts, and I could then post on this blog the photos of your quilts.  I think our followers would enjoy seeing those pictures, not to mention all of us would enjoy knowing about what all of us do with our little quilts!

Harmony and Surprise

South and Element

Mystery and Daydream


  1. HI Alice- You're the best "Den Mother" in the world. Thanks for taking such good care of us ! Thanks too for arranging all the displays, getting all the supplies, organizing the set-up, and speaking on behalf of the MM Art Bee. And Rita - thanks for all you did with Alice to make this Bee presentation possible. Your gallery-wrapped quilts are out of this world ! ! Randy's poster-size composites are great - I'd love to have a full set to keep here in my studio if that's possible ! And Judy S.... thanks for speaking on our behalf, and for your art quilt demo during the Guild program. I learned a lot and am really excited about trying the Photo to Computer to "Print to Tile" process you explained. What an amazing group to be involved with !

  2. Congratulations to the four of you! This was a great idea, and I really LOVE the way the composites and all of the quilts were displayed! What a wonderful arrangement!

  3. Incredible! Kudos one and all for a wonderful presentation of our Marvelous Material Maven's Masterpieces. :) Equally impressive is Randy's quick print poster composites considering we just revealed our Daydream pieces a few days ago. Six themes completed and a bushel of creativity in our future. Yay for sharing this.

  4. Bravo on all counts. Truly many gifts to a lot of people by several of you!