Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Daydream Mosaic--At Last!

Quilters:  top row--Judy S., Sara, Andrea; 2nd row:  Linda, Barbara, Judy W;
3rd row:  Alice, Kathy, Andrea; 4th row: Rita, Carolyn 

Thanks to Rita's husband, Randy, for composing this and sending it to me!  The program I was using to fabricate these mosaics or collages has suddenly started acting strangely.  Someday I will go over to Rita's and let Randy show me how to do this, but meanwhile, this one he composed looks really professional.  Aren't these beautiful, all together like this?


  1. Looks great! Thank you Alice & Randy.

  2. This is a striking display - shows the variety in one glance.

  3. I love the variety...something for everyone. I especially love reading what people wrote about their processes.

  4. Fantastic mosaic! Your group is doing fabulous work!!