Monday, September 17, 2012

Wendy's invisible spiral block

I have to apologize for no spiral block this month. Actually I had one, but while my sister was visiting and we were out to dinner, the car was broken into. My finished spiral block was stolen. Yes, that's how magnificent it was. Hee hee. Actually, it was in a bag which was stolen. A classic smash and grab. Several cars were broken into so I suppose they weren't after my block after all. Anyway there was no time to create another one. I'll try to get it done along with the new one.  All of the blocks are beautiful and so creative. What a group of talented women!


  1. WOW Wendy...what a horrible experience, I'm so sorry. Thank you for sharing your tale. Looking forward to seeing your quilts on our November 15 reveal.

  2. Wendy, how awful! I guess I'll have to wait til Nov.!
    I wanted to let everyone know that you received 2 ribbons at the San Diego Quilt Show last weekend! One for "The Archer" which we've seen and another for "Color Blocks" on which you did incredible quilting! Congratulations!!

  3. If you could apply those kind of odds to something positive, like winning the lottery or some such thing... So sorry to hear of your loss but it seems they didn't steal your sense of humor and healthy perspective. Good on you!