Sunday, November 11, 2012

Quilt Status

I'm curious ... am I the only MM who waits until the last possible moment to actually begin working on my current challenge quilt?  My intentions are great early on, and I spend A LOT of time mulling over possibilities and doodling ideas, but actually starting the project seems to elude me until deadline stress spurs me into action.  Do others in our group work this way or does it change from project to project, personalities and schedules?  I'm wondering if I am creating bad habits or just putting pressure on myself for the extra challenge? Hee hee, like I really need more challenge!

Yesterday was spent entirely on straightening my studio just so I had creative work space today.  I've discovered reading has taken priority this Fall thanks to a back injury that forced me to 'lay low', and resuming an art mode mentality has been slow to say the least.  Do other Maven's struggle with similar hurdles and if so, please offer up some shot in the arm motivation that's worked for you.

PS.  I will have my Travel piece posted on time!  Looking forward to seeing everyone's newest creations this week.


  1. Hi Judy...I think we are related! Like you, I have been mulling and mentally working on my quilt since I found out what the theme was. I LOVE the theme, and expected it to just "flow" out of me. WELL here it is, the Sunday before our reveal, and I am now on version #3,
    ( and panicked that this one will not be "right" either! )
    Like you, I will post a quilt on Thursday!

  2. I made my quilt today ( does that count as last moment?) I always seem to be last minute but this time I didn't even have an idea of what I was doing until I started it last night. It then made itself. I am trying to use different techniques each time which is an additional challenge.
    I have a real problem with being distracted and doing too many things. I want to get my sewing area cleaned up but I need to finish up some of the many projects I started in last month in workshops.

  3. If you read what I wrote on the first 12 x12 quilt you will see that it is about the only one that actually was finished way ahead of time.
    My process is more mulling over and no sketching (which Rita and Alice were able to see isn't much to go on anyway). When I start to make the quilt it makes itself and it is a freeing fun time for me to play. I only work on it in my studio and I only get in there 3 days a week. I have a ton of other things that I have to complete when I am there so the 12 x12 is put on the back burner until really close to the deadline.
    I love the 12 x 12 format and that we have 2 months to work on it. It is the perfect size and time frame for me.