Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wendy's Travel Quilt--Road Trip--Post #1

Barbara said:  Wendy was having trouble posting her photo from her ipad so she sent it to me and here it is!

Alice now says:  Find this photo AND Wendy's explanation of her quilt by scrolling down to
"Wendy's Travel Quilt--Road Trip--Post #2"


  1. What a creative and beautiful abstract quilt. So clever and skillfully executed. I do think those rinks are cold, however!

  2. Wow, your threadwork has created such wonderful depth and color contrast in this piece. I'd like to know the story behind it.

    1. Actually, I was not correct in saying that this is inked. I've been working on a new monsterpiece, inking antique civil war map fabric, and I guess I had inking on the brain. This piece is actually dye painted with Procion fiber reactive dyes very faintly onto the fabric. I had no thickening agent on hand so instead I used aloe Vera gel to thicken the dye to aid in keeping it where I wanted it to be. Then I used matching thread to quilt heavily over the painting with easy long very close stitching. I must say I was rushed on this piece so it is not my best work but it is done!

  3. This is so lovely, Wendy, and I am eager to work my way down the blog to read about it! I will be happy to give you an email lesson on how to post photos, but meanwhile, what fun to LOOK at your quilt without a narrative and try to "read" it. I agree with JW that your threadwork is amazing!

  4. This is great as it represents the meaning of "travel" in your life for so long, and so well depicted.

  5. I never thought that dyes could be used that way with only aloe Vera gel to control it - well done use of tools at hand