Thursday, January 10, 2013

Schedule Update/Put Thinking Caps On!

Greetings, Mavens!  Just five more days until our next reveal on Jan. 15, 2013!  I'm sure all of you are immersed in your Interwoven quilts, or perhaps you early-birds are sitting back, basking in the relief of having finished yours!

As you know, we have a brand new member, Tricia, who will be revealing along with the rest of us next week.  (Thanks to Linda for recommending Tricia to us!)  If some of you have not read her introduction and seen samples of her quilts, please continue reading below on our blog and get to know Tricia!  She is going to be a superb addition to our group.

That reminded me that I had not yet told her when she would be responsible for choosing a theme for our quilts.  So, here's an update and a reminder of who chooses when for the upcoming Reveals. ( I am revising this yet again on Thursday, Jan. 10th, because I've just heard from Wendy that she is having to drop out):

1.  1-15-13, Judy W. chooses theme for 3-15-13

2.  3-15-13, Kathy chooses theme for 5-15-13

3.  5-15-13, Sara chooses theme for 7-15-13

4.  7-15-13, Nedra chooses theme for 9-15-13

5.  9-15-13, Janet chooses theme for 11-15-13

6.  11-15-13, Tricia chooses theme for 1-15-14

Obviously, you can see that our newest members, Nedra, Janet, and Tricia, will be the last ones to select a theme.  Then in early 2014, I think we all need to "sit down and talk" via email about what we want to do next.  We will be discussing such matters as:

1.  Do we disband totally? Or will some of you decide to drop out and others decide to continue?

2.  Do we continue with 12"x12" quilts based on theme words?

3.  Do we follow the lead of the original Twelves and select colors rather than themes, but keep the quilts to 12"x12"?

5.  Do we change the size of our quilts to one more rectangular, one that could either have a vertical or a horizontal orientation?  If so, what would be a size that will work with the format of our group?

6.  Do we decide to produce quilts every three months, rather than every two?  This is the way the original Twelves have gone, after two rounds of 12x12 quilts, the first round based on theme words and the second based on colors.

I am sure there are other ways we can continue as an Internet art quilting group but make some changes, so all of you, please put your thinking caps on, even though we have over a year yet to go!

Happy New Year to all of you.  Alice

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