Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Last Two Days in Nantucket!

I left off my prior post some crucial events that took place on Thursday!  Tricia had arranged for us to take a wonderful tour of the island.  We began in 'Sconset, which I had just read about in the excellent novel set in Nantucket, AHAB'S WIFE., saw the lovely light house and then continued on to see many famous sites in historic Nantucket.

That evening we walked to a restaurant for our dinner and had an interesting encounter or two with some of the younger folk of Nantucket!  One young man asked us as we were leaving the restaurant if it was a "happening" place.  Tricia suggested that he go instead to Nautilus, and then we escorted him there.  Sure enough, it was just the sort of lively experience he was seeking.  We had an amusing encounter with an inebriated young woman, but I fear that recounting that here might be a bit risqué for this blog!

I have also failed to mention that every evening we had "show and tell" with various members showing the rest of us their work, especially the Material Maven quilts they had brought.  Before dinner for drinks and snacks and after dinner, there was much activity taking place, too, on iPhones and iPads!

On Friday morning Gail shared with us her methods of creating the wonderful quilted portraits that is a specialty of hers.  Each of the Mavens who "presented" did such a great job, and we all came away with exciting ideas to try and new products to use.  What a talented group the MM's are!

On Friday evening, after a delicious lobster dinner at Tricia's, we went to an art gallery where some 8 of our group had a few of their MM quilts on exhibit.  It was exciting to see the Mavens' work along with wonderful paintings and other art works by Nantucketers!

Lois had to leave us on Friday, and the rest of us left Saturday morning or noon.  Our gracious and accommodating hostess, Tricia, ran a taxi service back and forth from Union Street to the airport!  The Cape Air flight that Rita, Carolyn, and I took was quite different from the one which had been diverted to Hyannis on Monday!  It was a perfect day for flying, and seeing aerial views of Nantucket was fantastic!  Carolyn took some good shots with her camera.  Carolyn, if you would be so kind to add these photos to this blog post, we would all appreciate it greatly!

I have failed to mention the beautiful cherry trees in
bloom all over Nantucket.  This one, in Tricia's back yard!
View from the Widow's Walk at Tricia's house

Alice on the Widow's Walk
Side of Tricia's house.  We usually used this
kitchen door for our goings and returnings.

Examples of typical Nantucket architecture.  The consistency and faithfulness to the
historic Nantucket style was gratifying and exciting to behold!

Nedra applying the heat gun to her "puff painted" image.  I forgot to tell about
Tricia's demonstrating this paint and all of us getting to design a puff painted tree!

Lighthouse we visited on our tour of Nantucket and 'Sconset.

Taken from the tour bus--the oldest house in Nantucket.
Our lobster dinner!

This and the next few--the MM quilts on display at the art gallery.

Gail checking out Sara's quilt!

The gallery where our quilts were exhibited.

Our after-dinner gathering time.  Here, Andrea and Carolyn

Carolyn and Tricia

Nedra, Rita, and Sara



The Cape Air plane that Rita, Carolyn, and I took back to Boston


  1. What a super journal and fantastic over the top time was had by all!!! Thanks to generous Tricia for the superb idea and all her contributions and those of others.Where did the cat come from?

    1. Mr. Moss is Tricia's cat...a very sweet and entertaining kittie.

    2. Even I, a dog rather than a cat, person liked Mr. Moss!

  2. Ohhhhh..... Looks like everyone had a fantastic, entertaining, AND great-learning / sharing time.

    Thanks for documenting and sharing with all of us !

  3. Great photos. Thanks for doing this Alice.

  4. Love these photos and journal. Thanks, Alice

  5. Thanks Alice , I love this journal and the great summary of a fabulous week

  6. Alice, what wonderful descriptions, and Rita's photos are stunning! Thanks for sharing this wonderful week with all.

  7. Great journal and photos!!!!
    Happy Mavens!!!!

  8. Thanks for documenting a fabulous time!!

  9. Thanks for documenting a fabulous time!!

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