Sunday, April 16, 2017

Karen's Quote

   If Opportunity Doesn't Knock,
   Build a Door


   I have always made my own opportunities when it comes to employment. I tried working the "conventional" jobs and they just weren't for me! I moved home at 25, started a bridal alterations business in the evenings and weekends, and during the week provided childcare. After 13 yrs of that, turned to teaching quilting and sewing which I still do and started a gardening business taking care of clients gardens. My fantasy is this shop where somehow the combination of flowers and fabric would meld together.
   This piece is machine appliqued, embellished with silk ribbon embroidery. Many French knots!!
It's a piece that I had drafted a long time ago...Quotes challenge pushed me to finish....and build another door! 


  1. Karen, I am so moved by the visual of your words and the care with which you made this Eutopic home. its all in the details.

  2. How very lovely. As you continue to follow your dreams, you will surely find the right doors.

  3. Love this quote!! Your details are beautiful, especially the flowers!! So pretty!

  4. Karen, I love it! All those french knots are beautiful.

  5. So glad the challenge made you finish this piece - it is lovely. I really like the sentiment and the execution.

  6. This quilt is so beautiful and so very charming. The hand embroidery is perfect to enhance your design which illustrates the quote so perfectly. Great job!