Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Quote Composite

Creativity, incongruity and humor, remember the connection? When the word quote was presented, as usual, I couldn’t wait to see which of the four nouns would be the most prevalent in the quilts. I must tell on myself. I was hoping to see someone take “quote” outside the box and not just do a quote, but do a quilt about quoting. Instead, the fifteen panels beautifully and creatively and with a touch of humor do a gorgeous job of illustrating each chosen quote.

Row one: I thought the colors, the style of the panels and the humor just seemed to go together. HHHMMM Tee Hee, Jane and Teresa, a little too much wine, and it all may look like, “a little ray of pitch black.”

Row two:  Art is an image of an experience but it is also an experience unto itself. Thus, look carefully at row two and you will become involved in what the quilters are feeling. Better yet, read a good book, listen to good music, perceive/receive.

Row three: Quite often I will see images so thoughtful that demand to go together, and they will be the first row created, such as the three in this row. Then I will block in the remainder of the composite.  Therefore, my reasoning is simple; how can the three quilts fit anywhere else?

Row four:  Dorothy had no idea where she was going, nor did Yogi, so why not play in the rain on the way. Why not indeed!

Row five: The patterns in the quilts attracted me to this row: trees, leaves and the brilliant colors in Carolyn’s quilt. 

Another round of JOB WELL DONE to you all. 


  1. I always enjoy seeing how you arrange the quilts. Your explanation is wonderful!

  2. Your arrangement is always thoughtful and refreshing

  3. Randy, you are such a gift to our group! I always look forward to your composite and your explanation of why each quilt goes where it has been placed. This time, as always, I totally see the why of the arrangement! Thanks, thanks, again and again!