Monday, April 16, 2018

Jane’s Blues Deconstructed

When I first started Jane Dunnewold’s Mastery of the Art Cloth course, she gave us an assignment to make four quilts. It was a color assignment. I chose blue. I also chose to work with textile paints. This quilt was about hue. We could use any color that read “blue” from blue green to blue violet on the color wheel including different values. 
It was fascinating to discover how the underlayers affected the color of the transparent paints. 
I mounted it on felt with Mistyfuse and machine quilted it. 
The background fabric was dyed with blue #400.


  1. Jane, amazed that you felt like participating but so very happy that you did! This is a lovely piece. All the various hues of blue that you used are some of my very favorite colors. Take care of yourself and get well!

  2. Jane, I love your piece and I can see where your time with Jane D pushed expanded your visions and color use.

  3. Your painting is always fascinating, Jane. Thanks for sharing all the different values of blue. I'm always awed with your different painting techniques!!! Hope you are feeling better and I'm sending you hugs!

  4. Fascinating the way the transparent paint "transforms" the underneath colors! Love all the textures in the background, different types of stamps?

  5. How interesting! Your layering of the colors are fascinating. So glad you were able to make and share this quilt with us. Hugs being sent your way!!!