Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Wild Composite!

As usual, your art work is stunning. With just 7 quilters the layout was fairly straight forward this time.

Color and flowers dominate [really dominate] the top row.  The shapes set the stage for the second row - vertical in the middle, flanked by the remaining two horizontals, and the colors blend well. The "Pac-Man" character in Dee's quilt had to be on the left to "eat" his way [and take your eye] into the middle of the composite.

Alice, Thank You for placing the back of your quilt on black. See how it stands out in contrast and fills in the space surrounding the white space and compliments the bottom row and the vivid colors in your quilt. It pulls it all nicely together - top to bottom.

Teresa, the color in the titles is taken [cloned] from the color in your flower petals. Dee, the color in the Mavens title is cloned from the triangle in "Pac Man."

Another outstanding and creative beginning.



  1. As usual, Randy, thanks so much for assembling this composite for us! And also as usual, the logic behind the arrangement makes perfect sense! Bravo!

  2. This looks great and I love knowing what you were thinking when you made the layout! I really love the way the colors flow! Thanks for taking the time to make the composite Randy!

  3. Randy … What you do makes what we've done look more outstanding than I think any of us could do on our own ! Thanks for all that you do for us, and also for letting us know your thought process in creating your beautiful compositions :-D

  4. I think this is my favorite composite. They all play so well together. Good work Randy! Thank you!