Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Judy's: Family Treasures

Thinking about treasures, family always comes into the picture. Now I’ve never made
Schweinepfeffer (Soup from small bones of pork) but the other recipes I have made and shared good times with family as we made them. 

The other part of the recipes that make them treasures, is the handwriting. You hear so many people say, “My handwriting is so awful.” I use to say that too, but now I realize how special it is to see a handwritten letter, note, recipe, or even a list. To get these onto the fabrics I chose to trace them. As I did this I felt even more connected to the family members whose handwriting I was copying. Each loop, curve, crossed T and dotted I drew me into thoughts about them. To see and trace my Grandfathers handwriting “Schweinepfeffer”, my Grandmothers handwriting of the rest of the recipe writing that the recipe came from Mrs. C. Aulbur who was my Grandfathers mother. The C. stands for her husbands name Casper and her name was Elizabeth. The recipe came out of a plain little notebook that I was lucky enough to become the one who get to keep this treasure.

 The Sugar cookie recipe is in my mothers handwriting and one year our son Matthew told her that those were his favorite cookies. I added the cursive “Love, Mom & Grandma Grossmann” from this years Christmas letter so that it has both kinds on the recipe.

The Navajo Frybread is in my sister, Susan’s, handwriting. She found the recipe in the 17 Magazine in the early 1970’s and when she made it it was an event. We had never seen bread made that way and discovered it was delicious! She was always interested in things that were antique, old craft skills, and this recipe fit the bill on something old that was new to us.

 The last recipe comes from my mother-in-law. It is in my handwriting and such a simple recipe that it didn’t take up much space on the card. Every time we would visit she made these delightful corn cakes for breakfast. She always said that she didn’t make them as good as her mom did and when I made them, they definitely weren’t as good as hers! She grew up in Pennsylvania as a coal miners daughter and it is wonderful to have a recipe that she and her mother made in my recipe file.

On the back of my quilt I used a fun chair fabric because sitting around the table eating delicious food and visiting with family and friends is a treasure.


  1. I think family mementos are more precious than the stereotypical treasures!! What a lovely idea to include treasured family recipes. Love your backing and the meaning of it!! Well done.

  2. I so love coming across letters & recipes handwritten by family members, they really are a treasure. Your quilt is a great tribute to your relatives whose recipes you hold dear. Thank you for the tracing explanation, great technique!

  3. Judy, I absolutely adore the way you have used old family recipes and handwritten notes. In doing so, you have shared your family heritage with us! Love it!

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