Monday, January 14, 2019

Tricia's Treasure Quilt- Family Time together

With the theme Treasure- I kept thinking about the few times our entire family gets to be together in a year. With 4 children, one daughter in law, two son in laws, three grand children and two step grand children. One family is in Colorado, another in New Jersey and two daughters are in the Boston area.
Talking with my daughter Eliza about the treasure theme she agreed that at Thanksgiving we were all able to be here. We took this photograph for our Christmas cards.  It was even hard to get the photo because the youngest was napping and another was sick but we were able to do it!

Eliza suggested the phrase that I free motioned quilted into the border.

Treasure is when you map out and search for a time to get everyone together in one place. These are the moments that you Treasure. 


  1. This is Alice! I am having to comment anonymously, as Blogger doesn't like me anymore! I love this quilt, the picture, and what you have quilted in the margins! Truly, our families ARE our most beloved treasures!

  2. I so agree!!! I treasure the times I can spend with my family too. Love the picture and quote.

  3. Family is the ultimate treasure. How wonderful that you were all able to get together to celebrate Thanksgiving. What a perfect photo for both your Christmas cards and this quilt!

  4. Tricia, I had to smile when I read your comments and the writing on your quilt. It is indeed a treasure when ALL of one's family can be together! Your interpretation is perfect and all of us with adult children identify with it!


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