Monday, July 11, 2011

Carolyn: The Theme is Posted

Hi Material Mavens,

Our first theme is HARMONY.

I wanted a theme that expressed my experience at a conference at Ghost Ranch (New Mexico) in June. Ghost Ranch is the home of that wonderful artist, Georgia O'Keefe.

I also wanted a theme that was broad enough for all of you to work with. I narrowed down my words to about 6. Then, I pared the list down to two words. I knew I had the right word when I received an email just yesterday from a person from Scotland announcing the title of his new book which included the word HARMONY.

I have no idea what direction the design for my quilt will take. So, like you, I will have to let the creative process unfold.

I'm excited about our collaboration and am looking forward to seeing the results of our collective efforts on September 15.



  1. What a wonderful theme! I am excited about it! As I work this morning on a new experiment in quilting, I will be pondering it!

  2. What an important word to choose...for both art and humanity! Good job, Carolyn. A side note: Georgia O'Keefe was head of the art department in Amarillo TX, my home town, when my father was a little boy. One doesn't read that in books and the city doesn't make much of it...but her teaching techniques, some from her experience in Arthur Dow's classes at Teacher's College were still employed in the public school when I went through.

  3. Great theme, Carolyn!! That is a wonderful word to think about. I discovered Georgia O'Keefe in college. Any time I can get to an exhibit or where she lived, I go. When we moved our son to Santa Fe they had a free admissions day at the museum there. I dashed out the door as soon as I could to go see it. The Ghost Ranch is one of my dream destinations.
    Linda, that is interesting about Georgia in Amarillo. I would have loved to learn her techniques. How fortunate that Amarillo had her there.

  4. I remember mothers were encouraged to eschew coloring books and to buy rolls of butcher paper and paint for their children. One class exercise had us take an animal (I chose a deer) and portray it realistically, geometrically, and abstractly.