Monday, July 11, 2011

Ever Onward: Linda Hicks

Painters are moving into the quilting world and I am one of them.

I had never considered entering the art world, but wanted and trained to be a teacher of English and history. I write about my checkered career in "About Me" at my website. I post at least weekly to my blogl  Blogging is a great motivator!
There are exciting/challenging things happening around every corner in quilting and I want to be there. I find the two 12 x 12 groups I belong to
feed each other. Ever onward in harmony.I look forward to learning and being inspired by all of you.


  1. Linda is a constant inspiration to me! Her paintings reflect not only her talent but also the depth of her knowledge of art history and her keen awareness of what's going on in the world. Now that's she moved in another direction to the "fiber arts, you can see in new ways her wit and her fresh take on the world around her in every piece she produces. She will be a great addition to our group!

  2. I'm counting on you, Linda, to teach me a thing or two!!!