Saturday, July 23, 2011

From Alice: Now We are Twelve!

Mavens, I've got some good news!  We have a 12th member!  Her name is Kathy and she's brand new to our quilt guild and in fact, brand new to Texas.  She comes originally from Alaska.  She introduced herself to us at guild as an art quilter and was eager to find other art quilters in our guild.  She showed us three of her quilts.

I discussed her with Rita, and she agreed with me that Kathy would be great for our Material Mavens group.  I emailed her to invite her, and she's now looked over our blog and that of the original Twelvers, and she is most excited to join us.

I'll wait and let her tell you more about herself, when she writes her first post!

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  1. Welcome Kathy! Hooray! Now we are twelve (and maybe thirteen)! What a wonderful group. I'm working on my harmony idea in my head. Busy at the moment making 6 small quilts for classmates attending my nursing class reunion in August in Boston!