Friday, September 2, 2011

Barbara and Alice Meet in California!

Barbara Friedman and one of her quilts!

Barbara Friedman was gracious enough to drive from San Diego to Newport Beach, to meet and have lunch with me here at my daughter's home.  After lunching and visiting, we had a show and tell.  Barbara brought a number of her art quilts, which are behind her on the sofa, and more of them are pictured below.   She also brought several of her sketch books, which I loved browsing through.  I saw the sketch on which this quilt Barbara is holding was based.  I must start sketching, though it will be years before I can achieve the lovely little ink and water color sketches that Barbara does!  I showed her the few traditional quilts of mine that the family here in California have in their home.  Then Barbara and I drove to a yarn store.  I thought the yarns were lovely, but I am not a knitter so I'm not as discriminating as is Barbara.  She loved a couple of patterns, though, and bought them.  The time we spent together sped by for me, and I was sorry to have to say good bye!  Here are a few more pictures of this delightful visit between a Maven from Texas and our sole Californian!
A closer look at some of Barbara's art quilts

My grandson Locke wanted to be in one of the pictures!
Barbara and Alice


  1. Oh what fun to see her wonderful sketches and quilts. Lucky you. And how nice Barbara also found a good yarn store. That was a treat as well, I know.
    Did she have a suggestion for the binding?

  2. LOVE Barbara's quilts, did you photograph any of her sketchbook entries?
    Looks & sounds like you both had a great time together. I know personally how much fun it is to meet a MM in person!

  3. Mavens, I should have added in the post that Barbara has some lovely quilts that appear in books by teachers she has worked with! One book she recommends highly is called FOCUS ON FEATURES: LIFE-LIKE PORTRAYALS IN APPLIQU; her quilt in this book is breathtaking. I didn't note down the author,but that ought to be easy to find on Amazon with just the title.

  4. What BEAUTIFUL work, Barbara. You are an inspiration to the rest of us Mavens. It was serendipitous that I just happened to telephone Alice while she and Barbara were enjoying lunch, so I had a brief visit with Barbara too. Did I say that Alice had called me while Andrea and I were touring Newburyport? So my call to the two of them was a remarkable coincidence - OR was it?. This is so much fun!

  5. Wow, what a day! Thank you, Alice for a wonderful and delicious lunch! Our time together was indeed too short! I am definitely going to plan to go to Houston Quilt Festival next year so I can meet more Mavins.
    Carolyn, that was a surprise to get a call while we were having lunch! Have you noticed that you and Andrea were together in Newburyport and Alice and I were in Newport Beach? Another coincidence?
    Andrea, you can see my sketches on It's free to register and my site is BarbaraF2010. I haven't sketched recently but will be taking another sketching class from Jane LaFazio in October to get me started again. Check out Jane's blog
    The book that Alice mentioned is by Charlotte Warr Anderson and I am also in her book Faces & Places.
    Thanks, everyone for your nice compliments.

  6. What a wonderful visit. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us so we can at least vicariously enjoy the visit - I love your quilts Barbara. Alice, yarn is wonderful for couching onto quilts - not necessary to knit into anything.

  7. Thank you for that information Barbara, but had no luck accessing your flickr site ( and I could scream! ). I've been going around in circles with yahoo & flickr for the past 20 minutes and giving up! I LOVE Jane LaFazio's
    work and regularly read her blog. Actually found one of her online classes
    at Joggles starting in Nov. that I am thinking of signing up for. How great that you can attend her classes in person...SO much better!

  8. Andrea, after seeing Barbara's sketches and learning about those online courses, I am tempted, too! And had I not been in MM and thus met Barbara, I would never have even considered taking such a course! I'd have been most skeptical of making any progress, learning in that way. Not any more! Barbara made me a believer! She is a true inspiration to me, as are all the Mavens I have met through our group, not to mention those I already knew! I am so delighted that this group has gotten off to such a great start. And we've not even posted our first quilts!