Thursday, September 1, 2011

Carolyn Meets Andrea

Hi Material Mavens!

I've just returned from the Boston area where I had the exciting opportunity of meeting fellow maven, Andrea. That's Andrea on the left, and me on the right. We had so much fun sharing information about one another and talking, talking, talking quilts. Linda was suppose to join us, but was ill that day, so I will have to wait until another day to meet her. We enjoyed a delightful lunch and strolled the streets of Newburyport, Mass. looking at all the artsy shops we could find. Andrea brought along some "show and tell" that included examples of her silk screening AND hand painted fabrics using melting SNOW, of all things. They are stunning! I'm thinking about becoming brave enough to try dyeing, but since I'm in Texas, it will have to be minus the snow.



  1. Oh Carolyn, Thanks for posting that DARLING photo. You two had such a beautiful day after a wild hurricane watch. I hated missing the trip to the North Shore to bop around with you two. Andrea said you two talked, talked, and talked, just as you said. And true, Andrea's dyed fabrics are wonderful. How did the nursing ladies respond to the quilts you brought them?!

  2. My classmates LOVED the quilts! Two of the quilts were hung in the apartments of the two Rockport classmates before our reunion ended!

  3. Hi Carolyn! thanks so much for posting this wonderful account of your fun time with Andrea! And the picture is outstanding! What fun we Mavens are having, not only getting to know one another via our blog and emails, but these face-to-face get togethers as wel.! You'll get to meet Linda in Houston, and of course she'll meet Sara as well and probably Rita and Judy, too! Wish ALL the Mavens could meet up in Houston, but that would be difficult for our friends from Scotland!

  4. Hi Carolyn,
    Thanks so much for posting about our "Great Post-Hurricane Irene
    Adventure". It was a perfect day with 2 exceptions: that Linda was unable to join us, and the surprise parking ticket ( which, thank you,
    I have paid! )

  5. Cute, cute photo! How wonderful that you are meeting up with each other, and, as a friend, I agree that Andrea's snow dyed fabric is spectacular!

  6. Wonderful photo. IQF is certainly a reward for me for living in Houston through the summer. Glad you are getting around Carolyn. I am really looking forward to meeting as many of you as I can at festival.