Thursday, November 17, 2011

Barbara's Surprise Quilt--Hey, Jude!

Hi everyone! I just finished commenting on all your surprise quilts. They are all wonderful! I am sorry that I am late in posting. I have had other deadlines to meet and ok, I'm a procrastinator! I was in a group art quilt exhibit at Mission Trails Visitor Center in October and had to have 7 nature themed quilts for sale. None sold but it was a beautiful exhibit! I also have two quilts in the Fallbrook, CA Library for an exhibit until January.
So, this quilt is a dual challenge. My quilt guild is having a Beatles themed challenge. Using a Beatles song or lyrics for inspiration in a 14" (album cover size) quilt. My grandson's name is Jude and so here he is on a hay stack. This quilt shouldn't be seen yet as the reveal is next Monday but I couldn't wait!
I did lots of hand stitching in the hay. I think its called a rice stitch or chicken scratch stitch. I machine quilted the ground and hand quilted the sky (which was sponge painted on top of a mottled blue fabric). For Jude, I changed a picture of him crawling up a hill to black and white in Photo Shop and used the Posterize filter. Then I printed him onto fuseable fabric for ink jet printers. I used watercolor crayons (NeocolorII) to color him in and used my watercolor brush to wet and blend the colors. I set the colors with an iron and cut him out and fused him on.


  1. Charming quilt, Barbara! What a fun challenge--the Beatles theme. How neat that your grandson is named Jude. I want to go right out and buy some of the Neocolor water color crayons. I have a feeling that even art-challenged me could manage to make those work. Clicking to enlarge, I loved seeing the combination of hand stitching and machine quilting. Glad that your MM quilt can serve a dual purpose!

  2. Hi Barbara, My, you have been busy! This is a precious quilt of your grandson climbing a hay stack hill! Love the colors and all the different stitches. Like Alice, I am going to go buy some Neocolor water color crayons and see what I can do with them. What a lovely quilt to pass along in your family!