Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kathy's "Surprise"

My "Surprise" was inspired by a recent visit to my 3 year old Grandson, Logan, who lives in Florida. He and I would play the surprise game where one of us would cover our eyes, then at just the right moment, would yell "SURPRISE!" He never tired of 'surprising' me and we giggled and laughed all the time ! The real surprise was that when I returned home, I carried his sneezing-coughing-sore-throat-ache-all-over 'bug' back to Texas with me, and it's taken 6 weeks for me to recover. Surprise !

I made this quilt in two parts... the 'outer' quilt seems pretty plain and in some ways resembles a closed book. Ah... but when you open the clasp...

SURPRISE ! I used a sunny-yellow hand-dyed fabric and used 'Transfer Artist Paper' to transfer the word-image to the center section of the quilt. The top and lower sections are quilted with Sulky Sliver variegated thread to give the quilt some sparkle and shine. It's that sparkle that reminds me so much of my precious little grandson who makes my life so special.

Thanks, everyone - I've enjoyed your beautiful work and reading your commentaries. We're such an interesting and diverse group :-) Looking forward to our next challenge and getting to know all of you better as we work our way through this exciting adventure !


  1. Hello, hello, Kathy! Oh my goodness, the surprise of opening a book and finding such a treasure inside! I love it. As I just mentioned to Jane, I was contemplating trying out a gift box idea and somehow having it opened to divulge a surprise, but it never went any farther than just an unformed idea floating around in my head. This is truly a surprise, and a beautiful one. AND TAP--another product beside Lutrador that you've urged on me in the past. I need to get busy and learn to use both! See you soon!

  2. Kathy, I love commentary that makes me laugh out loud. What a treat is your surprise book...the concept, materials and finished product. I just wish I could click on it to enlarge. I hope you are well now, and back to making more beauties. Delightful!!

  3. How clever!!! What a nice reminder of your visit with your grandson.

  4. Kathy, I think this is so creative! What a great idea, and a wonderful way to express your play time with your grandchild. I love that when you open it, yellow pops out. Very, very nice!

  5. Kathy, what a clever idea. I love the simplicity of the cover and the clasp. When you open it there is a beautifully quilted "surprise of yellow"!