Saturday, January 21, 2012

All the South Quilts (so far)!

And don't they look impressive, all together like this?  Thanks to Diane Perin Hock who told me how to make a mosaic like this!

Now for me to identify each, at least by quilter's name.  (By the way, it would be really super if for the next "reveal", each of you chooses a title for your quilt other than just the theme title!)

Okay, here goes, top row:  Petra, Patti, Judy W.
2nd row:  Sara, Kathy, Carolyn
3rd tow:  Barbara, Judy S., Nedra
4th row:  Rita, Andrea, Alice
5th row:  Linda


  1. The mosaic layout is truly impressive looking. I've got to find out how to accomplish that on my blog.

    1. JW, there's a fantastic free website called Big Huge Labs--find it as, that does the work for you. Go to that website, establish an account, and then use the pull-down menu to find Mosaic. You upload photos from your computer, click a button, and voila, your mosaic is done. Then you can download it to your computer. It was easy and fun! Now I have made one for the Surprise quilts--scroll down to October--and I'll do one for the Harmony ones as well!

    2. Thanks so much Alice. I didn't see this when you posted it until now. I'm cleaning up my computer, then I hope to update some stuff. This is a great feature. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Every one of the quilts are fabulous!(nice layout too) The stories and details are just fun to read and I'm sure share too.
    So, what's next?

  3. Alice, I love being able to see the quilts all at the same time...thank you so much for continuing to tweak the blog!

  4. 'Love seeing all these wonderful quilts this way. Thanks, Alice, for arranging

  5. Alice, the Mosaic layout looks FANTASTIC! Thanks for making our site look so good!