Monday, February 6, 2012

Twelve 12 x 12's done!

Material Maven member Nedra & I co-chaired a twelve month, 12 x 12 challenge for our small ( 50 member ) guild which ended last week with a display of the quilts. Unfortunately, we didn't inspire many to participate, but those who did, really enjoyed the process. Above are the photos of my quilts.

Here's are the themes for the 12 quilts:

[Incidentally, the first photo should have been the last one!]

First photo:

top left: embellish with something from Nature.
top rt.: Food ( I stitched together candy & gum wrappers)
bottom left: Shoes
bottom rt. embellish with something from the hardware store.

Second photo:

top left; Fan
top rt.: Photograph
bottom left: Beach
bottom rt.: Letter (s)

Third photo:

top left: Be My Valentine
top rt.: Positive/Negative ( I based mine on a Japanese Notan design )
bottom left: Travel ( Only In My Dreams...would the Eiffel Tower be painted purple ).
bottom rt.: Prescription ( for getting though tax preparation ) This one technically is not a 12 x 12 as the M & M
bag sticks out another 3" or so.


  1. Wow. I would say that is an arm full. You must feel very good about challenging your guild and COMING THROUGH gloriously!!! Where are Nedra's?
    I could figure out many of them and will continue to study. Now when will you show them off to QC or SAQA. Thanks for sharing with MM....and M&M's...hmmn...

  2. I loved seeing those quilts, Andrea! Now what you need to do--either here or on the Opening a Door blog--is to tell us about each one. They are most impressive and intriguing, but I need to hear the story of each! I know you must have a great sense of achievement, having finished this project. One a month, wow, and I obsess over doing one every two months!

  3. These little 12x12's are just wonderful! Yes, we need to hear the stories behind them. Please :)

  4. These are SO fabulous, Andrea!! I saw your most recent post - sorry Blogger's giving you so much trouble. But your work is fantastic and always clever!!

  5. Love them, Andrea, and thanks for sharing. I can see your personal, artistic style shining through each one. But, I, too, would love to hear the story behind each creation. I'm very impressed!

  6. Notice, everyone, that with Andrea's permission, I combined this post and a later one she did! In the later one, she listed the themes, which is very helpful! Thanks, Andrea, for doing that!

  7. Thank YOU Alice, for combining my two posts...looks and reads so much better now!