Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kathy's Spiral - Early Reveal :-/

Greetings, Mavens !   Sorry for the early posting, but the next few days have morphed into a scheduling overload, so I'm posting early, to avoid being really late :-/

"Spirals" turned my brain inside-out.  I thought I had my quilt all planned out until I actually started working on it - Yikes !   My studio's an absolute disaster right now - all those other discarded Spiral ideas lie scattered about on the floor, the tables, the sewing machine, etc.

To create this piece, I started with hand-dyed taupe-colored fabric, then dragged out bunches of surface-design products I hadn't used since I moved from Alaska over 2 years ago.   Using Shiva Oil Paintsticks and 3 of the Shiva "rubbing plates" I transferred several spiral motifs on to the fabric using 3 colors of Paintsticks:  Gold, Bronze, and Copper.   Paintsticks are oil paints (in stick form), so the fabric had to be heat set to preserve the color.  I dry-ironed the fabric, then threw it into the dryer to finish the process.   After that, I gathered all of my spiral-type rubber stamps, stamp pads, inks, etc. and stamped images onto the fabric using whatever colors of ink that would complement the Paintstick colors.

To get the large spiral shape, I used an abstract spiral design fabric and transferred that image to my paintstick/stamped fabric.  Then, using Foot # 21 ('Couching' or 'Cordonnet' foot) on my Bernina 185, I couched very heavy copper/bronze metallic thread (Madeira Glamour, #8 [very heavy, thick thread]) onto the transferred spiral image.   My "couching" thread was Madeira smoke colored "monofilament" thread; I used that same thread in my bobbin.
All those heavy thread tails had to be brought to the back of the quilt which made the back look pretty messy.  I found a complementary fabric for the back, fused it in place, then created a label and fused it to the new backing fabric.     The binding fabric is a spiral-y design fabric that looks great with the new fabric and the spiral design.
Here's a picture of some of the products I used.  The 'rubbing plates', paint sticks, instruction book and DVD are available from Cedar Canyon Textiles, Inc. (on-line), from Interweave Press (on-line), and several other on-line sources.    The background fabric you see here was "rust dyed" while I was still in Alaska, and is one of my favorite kinds of fabric to use :-)        Peace & blessings to all.....  Kathy


  1. Super, Kathy and thanx for revealing early as I need to do the same! Loved reading about your process and your many materials w a book link to boot! I worry about the use of paint stix in that I thought they have something like oil in them but maybe on the right materials they are safe archively. Again, thanx for your flexibility in posting early rather than getting in a tight spot which we may all need to do at some time!

    1. Hi Linda - I was concerned about posting early... am glad everyone was OK with it. Time management sometimes gets the better of me :-) RE the Paintsticks... they are oil, but the info I got both from the book and watching the DVD explains how to stabilize the oils sufficiently to make them safe for wearable art (garments). Heat setting with an iron is pretty smelly (have the fan blowing, open a window, or work outside); or use the clothes dryer as an alternative to heat set the newly 'created' fabric. Have fun !

  2. What a surprise! I love your simple, yet complex spiral. It looks like you had fun using some surface design tools and techniques that you haven't played with in a while. Thank you for the very "visual" explanation of your process.

  3. I came to the MM blog to be sure I had all the names of everyone in my contact list, so that I could send a reminder of the REVEAL DAY tomorrow. So what a surprise to find a quilt already up. I agree with Linda that it is smart to be flexible, given all of our busy lives! A day early is no problem, in my opinion. AND I love your quilt! I especially appreciate your sharing that photo of the materials you used! WHAT a great idea. I'm sure we'll all profit from knowing exactly what was used!

  4. Wish I'd seen your early post Kathy and I would have posted mine too! I used several stamps too and may just take a pic of them if I have the chance when I post tomorrow. It shows your the tools used very clearly.
    Love the subtle impact of this yet it is so intricate. Wish I could see it in person. Cute and so very neat backing!!

  5. Kathy, thanks for teaching us how to us Paintsticks. I loved your explanation of exactly how you made your quilt. You have given me the courage to play with paint!

  6. I bet it felt good to play with your paintsticks again. The metallic couched thread sure adds a wonderful touch to your quilt. It is a serene spiral in the colors you chose. Nice job.

  7. Lovely design! You certainly leave no doubt as to the word which inspired your work. Hope to see it in person soon.

  8. Kathy, your free flowing design is beautiful in it's simplicity! Thanks for the photo of your tools.

  9. Kathy, this piece evokes a sense of peace for me. Maybe its the color choice of fabrics and thread. You'd think a spiral would create more chaos but this reminds me of soft water swirls. I like it! Nice result.