Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Andrea's Interwoven

Interwoven Blooms

Fused hand-dyed and commercial fabric
After many, many failed attempts at constructing an abstract interwoven design using strips of
 fabric, I gave up and made a "companion" piece to my Day Dream quilt ( July 15, 2012 reveal ).


  1. Andrea, what a wonderful companion piece to your Day Dream quilt! I love the 3-D effect of this quilt--how the flowers that have "grown through" the lattice come out at the viewer. But then, looking deeper into the quilt, you can see the other flowers behind. This quilt has great graphic strength, with your wonderful lattice design. I just wish you'd included details about the construction process! Could I persuade you to add to your narrative about this wonderful quilt?

  2. Great job!! I too think the graphic strength of this piece is very impressive. The colorful flowers behind and peeking through provide a soft, colorful contrast. Wonderful, despite much difficulty IMHO!!!

  3. Your fabric choices are marvelous, especially the text flowers. I'd like to know what fabric the trellis was made from? It appears semi-transparent, and did you fuse them to achieve such perfection in your layout? I love your final product.

  4. What a cool idea. An interwoven we can all relate to and that is what art is...And we all enjoy companions :*)

  5. Your quilt makes me smile! I love the whimsical scene you created. You did the right thing by making this adorable quilt. Color, composition, fun. Love it!

  6. Love it, love it. love it. Made me smile and today that is no small undertaking.

  7. Such a happy little quilt. I would love to see the two companions side by side. Could you post them together?

  8. Beautiful, Andrea. Love the text on the flowers and would love to know what it says. This was a clever idea, creatively executed.

  9. Thank you all for your very kind comments, I really did not want to make another "cute" quilt quite this soon, but fail pitifully with other ideas. Anyway, to answer your questions/requests: Rita, I would be happy to photograph the two quilts together and post. I also believe I took a few "process" photos that I can post also.
    The fabric that I used for the trellis is actually a heavier weight cotton than I usually use, I bought it awhile ago at Joanne's when it was on sale...it is a PFD fabric but not sure of the manufacturer. I liked the feel of it so bought 5 yards.
    The text on a couple of the flowers is something I screen printed for another quilt...it is an enlarged dictionary definition of a word...circle? positive? negative? Not sure which one.
    Janet, I'm so pleased that my quilt made you smile.

    1. Andrea, I spent time yesterday with both Rita and Janet. As Rita was driving me home, she mentioned to me that she was so hoping that you would post both of your "companion pieces" together eventually. I think ALL of us Mavens would love that! And as for "cute"--no, no, a thousand times NO! This isn't cute at all. This quilt's strong graphic nature and originality is cheerful and striking and smile-producing, but not cute. I put your two companion quilts in the same category as some by Teri Stegmiller. As an artist, she is incredibly versatile. Some of her quilts in the original 12 by 12 book share a "look" with these two of yours, and it is a look I love!

  10. Loved your quilt - the precision, the graphic quality, and the interweaving of your design elements. I'm totally intrigued with silk screening, and would love to hear more from you about your screening, especially how you make your screens. For me, getting the screens made is currently my biggest challenge. Any info you could provide would be very much appreciated :-D

  11. Hi Kathy,
    I made most of my screens using my Print Gocco machine until they were discontinued and stopped making the supplies, which "forced" me to buy a used thermofax machine from Welsh Products. I tried to find one though friends who work in different school systems, but had no luck. I do on occasion use a traditional silk screen using paper stencils. The feel of pulling a print from a traditional screen is still a thrill for me, but the ability to make a finely detailed screen in a matter of seconds with the thermofax machine is also amazing & addictive!
    I know there are people who make custom thermofax screens as a business, but can't think of anyone right now.
    I hope this info helps?