Monday, March 11, 2013

Texas Mavens at Quilting Adventures!

Alice, Sara, teacher Katie PM, and Carolyn at Quilting Adventures
in New Braunfels, Texas
We Material Mavens in Texas have had some exciting times together recently that I wanted to share with our other members, our followers, and "random readers."

Last week Carolyn, Sara, and I attended Quilting Adventures in New Braunfels, Texas.  This was my 5th time to attend, and Carolyn and Sara also have gone in years past.  The three of us were in Katie Pasquini-Masopust's class for "Stitched Paintings."  

We literally painted on canvas and then cut these up (sometimes and sometimes not!) to make quilts.  Some few in our class got to the quilting stage, but mine are not yet quilted.  I will post photos of us three in front of the foam core boards on which our quilts were displayed.  

Then on Saturday following QA, Carolyn and I attended the Dallas Quilt show, where each of us Texas Mavens choose 5 of our little quilts to be displayed.  I have not moved those photos from my camera yet, but when I do, I will post the photos of that exciting happening!

Sara (in black), Carolyn, and Alice are standing in front of the MANY
quilts that Sara constructed!

Alice, Carolyn, and Sara with Alice's three quilts

Carolyn (in the middle) in front of her quilts with Alice and Sara

Alice, Carolyn, teacher Katie PM, and Sara in our classroom


  1. What a wildly active group of ace quilters. Glad you got to show off earlier work at the Dallas Quilt Show and enter a new area of painting on canvas for quilts with the super Katie P-M.

  2. Everything looks fabulous! Looks like you all had a wonderful trip. Congratulations, Glad everyone was able to see all your wonderful hard work.

  3. Love the results each of you ladies obtained from this class. Thanks for sharing your experience and posting the wonderful photos.

  4. Sounds like this was a fascinating class. I love the examples of the work that you have posted here, but am most interested in seeing more!

  5. I absolutely love this technique and can't wait to finish up some of my work and get them mounted on stretcher bars. I highly recommend any class that Katie P-M teaches.