Monday, March 11, 2013

Texas Mavens' Quilts at Dallas Quilt Show!

Sign outside the Special Exhibits hall

Rita's husband Randy took these photos and made a composite of them!

This is part two of the previous post!

Thanks to our wonderful Rita, one of the founding members of our group with Judy S. and me, the Material Mavens were a prominent feature at the Dallas Quilt Show!  Rita arranged it with one of the "officials" in charge of that show for those of us Mavens who live in Texas (and could thus easily get our quilts to the show and go see them on display) to choose 5 of our personal favorite quilts to be on display in their "special exhibits" area.

It took a lot of doing for Rita to achieve this, and all of us who had our quilts in Dallas are grateful to her for her hard work in making these arrangements and then in hanging the quilts herself, with the able assistance of Randy, her husband.  (Randy is the genius who makes the composites of our quilts!)

So without further ado, here are the quilts that were shown in Dallas.  I realized after posting the photos that I had left some quilts out!  I thought that I was being so very careful to get each quilt, but I must apologize to Rita, Judy, and Sara.  I think I left one each of your quilts out of my photography session! If any of you can figure out which quilt it is that is missing, and if anyone else (such as Rita or Judy?) took photos of the quilts as they hung, please email me the photos ASAP and I will add them!  One of mine and one of Carolyn's were left off this post deliberately, since we both chose our Communications quilts and I didn't want to "spill the beans" on these quilts before our official Reveal Day!  But--apologies to the three whose quilts didn't get photographed by me!

Carolyn's and Janet's travel quilts

My Surprise quilt--the only one in the
group that chose her Surprise quilt, so hanging all by
its lonesome!

Rita's and Judy S's Spiral quilts

Janet's and Rita's South quilts

Carolyn's and Rita's Mystery quilts

Kathy's and Alice's Interwoven quilts

Janet's and Sara's Interwoven quilts

Judy S's and Kathy's Harmony quilts

Sara's and Rita's Harmony quilts

Alice's and Janet's Harmony quils

The sign that hung above the quilts in the exhibit hall

Sara's and Judy S's Elements quilts

Kathy's and Carolyn's Elements quilts

Carolyn's and Judy S's Daydream quilts

This is how the display looked--it was right in the middle of the hall, easily
seen from the distance!
Sara's Spiral quilt
Kathy's and Janet's Spiral quilts
Kathy's and Alice's South quilts

Alice's Communication quilt
Carolyn's Communication quilt


  1. What a splash! Hooray for the idea and the execution!

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  3. Great job ladies! What a lovely display of your wonderful work.

  4. impressive it must have been to be able to see so many of the MM quilts displayed in one location!
    I love the the MM big was it ( it looks giant! ) and who made it? How terrific that Rita was able to make the exhibit me ideas about the East Coast MM doing something similar!

  5. We all want to thank you for the work you did beforehand and in physically going to hang the exhibit with your trusty sidekick. The exhibit was lovely and quite a treat for a beginner. You are the best.