Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Carolyn: Railroad Through The Canyon at Sunset


This quilt evolved in a class with Katie Pasquini Masopust that Alice, Sara and I took this Spring at Quilting Adventures.  Katie calls this new technique “stitched painting” because it combines painting and quilting. 

First, we chose one color scheme to use on two or three canvases.  Then using our chosen colors of acrylic paint, we created abstract paintings on each canvas.  After the paintings dried, we applied fused fabric to each canvas using our own "stash."  The next step was to add one or more additional layers of thin acrylic paint and/or stamp impressions.  Then came the fun! 

After the canvases dried, we cut them apart and began to reassemble them into complex compositions.  When we were satisfied with our designs, we layered each canvas with felt batting and machine stitched the various pieces together using a zigzag stitch.  I used two threads: apricot and dark brown.

The final step was machine quilting, which I did after returning home.  Katie frames all of her pieces, but, since my quilt was a 12x12, I chose a different technique.  I fused a complimentary fabric onto one side of Timtex and used that for the backing.  I chose a very dark brown cotton fabric for the binding.

When I look at this quilt, I see a canyon at sunset with railroad tracks that wander in and out of the mountains and valleys.  It reminds me of a Colorado train ride that my husband and I took. I see a canyon, railroad tracks, a sunset, a river, mountains, trees and rocks in my quilt.  What do you see?


  1. I totally see everything!! I see tree trunks, water spray from rapids and clouds too. What a great abstract interpretation of the theme. I love it.

  2. Fascinating...both the process and your result. Yes, I agree that I also can imagine being on a train out west and seeing the images of trees, mountains etc. flash by!

  3. Carolyn, our workshop together was so much fun, and it absolutely thrills me that you were able to come up with a Canyon quilt with this totally unique method of art quilting. Yes, I, too, can see all that you can see in this abstract quilt. I'm eager to use this method myself on one of our MM quilts, and you have so creatively pointed the way for me!

  4. Love the process, have to try it! And the quilt is so fun and spontaneous looking! Great execution!!!!!

  5. How wonderful you were able to use your new knowledge and make such a great 12 x 12! The colors and story tell the tale well!

  6. I like that it evokes a memory and I am so appreciative of your leaving such detailed instructions. Thank you! I had to listen to a CD of the building of the RRs recently so this is timely :*)!

  7. Much appreciation for sharing a detailed construction process. Kathy and I painted surface designs on canvas four years ago that I've yet to find a suitable project for and I think this is perfect! I also would like to stretch myself with abstracts. Your piece is truly unique and I love the composition.

  8. HI Carolyn ! I see all of the images in your quilt that you described ! And I'm so glad you were able to incorporate my challenge word into the class you and some of the other Cen Tx Mavens were taking with KatiePM. Great job !