Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Displaying your little quilts!

I found an old piece of clothes line, and got some really old wooden clothes pins and attached them to my studio wall, I am hanging them up with the clothes pins like wash, against a white wall, They are lonely with only two of them, but they will get friends soon. People that come in the studio always ask about them, and I tell them all about our blog!  Just thought I'd share the idea, as it really looks so cute.........


  1. Love this idea...would you post a photo sometime?

  2. This is an absolutely genius of an idea! Like Andrea, I want to see photos. I could easily borrow your idea, as I have "wasted" space up high on my studio walls. And by using the clothes pins, the quilts would be easy to take down and put back up. Right now my 11 quilts take up a lot of space on my design wall; using your method would free up that space for in-process quilts! Thanks so much for sharing this idea.