Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Canyon Composite

I decided to put this up as an "extra large" reproduction, so that you can better see all the quilts.  As usual, Randy Schormann is our composite composer!  I told him that this time I felt that he'd done an extraordinary job of arranging the quilts!  I can see the logic behind each one of his rows.  Can you?

We are so fortunate that Rita's husband is so willing to help our group out in this way.  Now to see if this composite, the one that has more quilts making it up than any other has up to this point, can be transformed into a postcard; I am a little apprehensive about that!

IF I am successful, I'll be in touch with all Mavens via email, to see who might like a postcard or one or two or more!

WHAT a superb group of quilts!  I would say that each time, they get better and better, but then, I may be a mite prejudiced!


  1. These look fabulous together!!! Thanks Alice.

  2. Oops!! I apologize to Randy. I thought you did it Alice but now I realize you meant the postcard. This was a superb group and the arrangement is stunning!! Thank you Randy.

  3. I agree on the consensus - this is a spectacular showing of our quilt talent and Randy's. yahoo!

  4. What a fabulous collection!

  5. This is a very cool collection. The composite really highlights the wonderful diversity we create