Friday, November 15, 2013

Andrea's ( Cold ) Comfort

No Bowl Required

Hand-dyed and hand-painted cotton, organza, screened, stencil,
 Gelli Plate monotype, stencil and fused

Comfort = food = pizza & ice cream?  No.  Just ice cream!  These were my first thoughts when I heard the theme for our November reveal.  Once I decided that I would focus on ice cream I began to think about my personal history and realized that it probably began with Howard Johnson's and their "28 Famous Flavors".  I "inherited" a collection of matchbook covers that I used as my inspiration to screen the tone-on-tone design on the background.  The original Simple Simon logo was designed by John Eagles Alcott.  My color choice of turquoise blue and orange is another way of paying tribute to this iconic American business.
On the way to my studio one day I happened to look at a wall which is covered with framed art and memorabilia and saw the crayon drawing of a cow that I made as a first grader.  I then thought what fun it would be to incorporate my cow image on the carton of my imaginary ice cream container.  So "Udder-ly Delicious" brand of ice cream was "born"!  Once the carton was constructed and positioned on top of the background saw that there was too much negative space at the top.  I did not want anything that would overpower the container ( and very special cow! ), so came up with "need I say more?" which I screened onto organza for it's transparency, and then fused.  The orange swirly design on the container is a Gelli Plate monotype ghost print using a stencil that I just bought from a vendor at The International Quilt Festival in Houston. 

Close up

 First grade cow drawing inspiration

Howard Johnson's matchbook cover collection


  1. There is much to love about this quilt! I love seeing your matchbook collection, those old familiar colors of HJ that I remember so well, your incorporating your childhood drawing. I could go on and on and on. A wonderful quilt, and so wonderful meeting you face to face in Houston!

    1. Oh, and PS: love the title of your piece! So clever!

  2. My favorite of yours so far!! So personal, clever and amazingly thought out and executed. The use of your childhood cow drawing was brilliant!! And the name is just perfect!

  3. I giggled once again! Sweet Howard Johnson memories and your tributes in color and design! I swore I was going to do a gelli print when I woke up this morn and I am drowning in the computer again. But these thoughts of caramel ice cream have cheered me immensely!

  4. We called my mother ice cream Mary! She used to say the world is better because there is ice cream. LOL Just love this, and all of your work. It just keeps getting more and more detailed, and you always find surprises when examining it! The match book collection made me chuckle. It's always interesting to discover the unusual things that people collect!. And the cow drawing is priceless!!!!
    Enjoyed meeting you, and seeing your creations up close!!!!

  5. I love this and the fact that you have your special cow drawing and matchbooks AND you know where they are. I've drowned many sorrows and found solace from discomfort from many a pint of ice cream so I love what you have done.

  6. So much thought went into your charming quilt and the outcome itself is a sweet treat. Your incorporation of multiple techniques thoroughly enhanced one another. I'm amazed you still have a first grade drawing of your own! Andrea, you outdid yourself on this 'udderly charming' quilt. I appreciate viewing the details in your photo closeups. tha

  7. I love your cow print and all of the details. The printing adds so much. Wonderful quilt.

  8. Oh, Andrea, this is just fabulous!! Love all the nods to Howard Johnson's, your wonderful layering and surface design, but most of all, the way you used your own childhood drawing of a cow. This piece is really a treasure and oh so very clever!!

  9. OH MY GOSH ! You never cease to amaze me ! I'm so enthralled with your work... the graphic design, your use of the numerous mixed media and surface design techniques, and most especially, your silk screens :-D Super congrats on this fabulous work of art ! I do believe, you've Said It All ! ! ! Love to you, Kathy

  10. This made me smile. I love the use of a childhood drawing and how you incorporated everything into a perfect depiction of comfort. Very, very nice!!

  11. So many wonderful layers and thought! Everything about this quilt is perfect and makes me smile too. I was wondering when someone else would make an "udderly adorable" comment. I guess the Judy's just can't pass it up. Thanks for all the photos to show us how this quilt came into being.