Friday, May 23, 2014

The Spring Composite!

Here are our Spring quilts in a composite that, as usual, Randy has composed for us.  As always, a huge thanks from all of us to Randy.  And a big round of applause!  This one looks particularly good, I think!  I always find that it is fascinating to know Randy's rationale and logic for how he arranges our quilts.  And so I will quote him here:

"Top row is pink and plants.
Second row is kinda sorta structures or structure related. The hanging quilt was a nice touch from Tricia.
The third row – middle – “spring”, makes sense without the description – the left and right is open to the eye of the beholder.
Fourth row just makes you grin.
Last row – I wanted to make this poster one big “jack-in-the-box” because of the really big grin it gave me – so the road to the grin will have to suffice."


  1. Randy, as usual, your composite is great! I am looking forward to the book that you have planned!

  2. Wow…looks really "Spring-y"! Thanks so much Randy, love this composite.

  3. Thanks Randy. Beautiful as always!

  4. Rita let me sneak into her comment area because I want to share a grin. Note the font style I used for your names on this composition. It's called GiddyUp - it looks like tiny springs. And, THANK YOU-ALL for the many compliments - it really is my pleasure to help.

    1. Too funny, Randy! That really is appropriate!

  5. It's wonderful. Thank you randy!

  6. Fabulous! Honored to be a Maven.

  7. Thanks again Randy-love the springy font!!!

  8. Randy, You have done it again! Great job as always!

  9. Randy - You're a master at presenting our works so beautifully ! Thank you so much for everything you do for us :-D Peace & blessings, Kathy