Friday, February 27, 2015

Mavens at Waco's "Airing of the Quilts"

The Homespun Quilters' Guild, the guild where I, Rita, Judy, Janet, and Kathy are members, put together a show called "Airing of the Quilts."  Plans weren't begun soon enough for this to be a judged show with trained judges, but our new quilt guild administration felt it was important to have a show, as it's been since 2011 since we had one.

Our local Mavens did well!  Though quilts weren't officially and technically judged, they were voted on by guild members, and Rita, Kathy, and Alice all won various types of ribbons for some of their entries.

In addition, I used MM quilts of the five of us for a special exhibit.  I "worked the show" this morning and so was around our exhibit a lot, and it engendered a good bit of interest.  It was fun to discuss the quilts with those who came by.

Here are so photos from the show, which continues tomorrow:

The Material Mavens Display

Closer view of Rita's five

Judy's, Kathy's, and Janet's quilts represented here

Alice's, Judy's, and Janet's displayed here

Janet's, Kathy's, Judy's, and Alice's quilts on this board

Alice's Michigan Beach Boys was awarded a blue ribbon

Rita's pictorial quilt of a castle in England got a blue ribbon

Rita's One Block Wonder quilt received a red ribbon

Kathy's quilt based on Linda Lehman's techniques won another blue.

Alice's Posies and Paisleys quilt made of  chiefly Kaffe Fassett
fabrics, based on one of his designs, won no ribbons
but Alice was glad to see it hanging nice and straight
and she was able for the first time to photograph
the entire quilt.


  1. Wow! Congratulations to those who won ribbons!
    The MM displays are well done, colorful and informative.

  2. Hi Alice ! Abundant thanks to you and Rita for making this exhibit happening ! I'll check it out when I go back to the show on Saturday. And Ribbons ! Fantastic ! What quilter / artist isn't thrilled to take home a ribbon (or ribbons !) Congratulations, and again... thanks for being the very best "Den Mother" a group could even hope for :-D Peace & blessings, Kath

  3. Yes- congratulations. A lot of work and beautifully done.

  4. Great show! The Mavens were well represented and walked away with the ribbons! Pats on the back to all!

  5. How wonderful to see your quilts displayed together. Congratulations

  6. Congrats to you all! Everything looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Congratulations to everyone! Thanks for sharing.
    Looks like a wonderful exhibit and show!

  8. Kudos to everyone and I loved seeing all the ribbons!!! Great job!