Sunday, October 16, 2016

Judy S.- Reflections of Lancaster, PA

1. A time of meditation looking at my life. 2.The light reflecting images in the items around me.

This is from a photo I took when I was working the AQS show in Lancaster, PA one year. Every morning I enjoyed a walk down to a cafe for a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee before the show opened. 

It was a time of reflection as I watched people hurry off to work and school. How lucky I was to have this opportunity to be at this table every morning. 

I have always admired artwork with reflections in glassware and I really wanted to create this quilt with that effect. I set this at morning sunrise with a piece of fabric I hand painted so that this could be for anyone anywhere.

I used Cherrywood fabrics for all of the items on the table. They have wonderful gradations that made this possible.

I did add a little paint, but mostly the fabric and thread were my media to make the color happen.


  1. A charming composition! I loved how the every-day objects cast shadows (reflected) on the table, A great example of art being found in the simplest of scenes. A bowl of cereal, a coffee mug, a vase of flowers, so simple, yet as rendered by you, they become art!

  2. A wry meditative piece. And so peaceful. A reminder to take time to enjoy the small bits of time weave.

  3. Judy, this is wonderful!! You did a fantastic job bringing your photograph to life in fabric. Your color pallet is perfect! I feel like I'm sitting at the table when I look at it!

  4. A Beautiful scene. It is so calming. A nice interpretation of reflection.

  5. What a lovely and peaceful quilt Judy. I love the colors you used and both the meditative and reflective effects you achieved. Beautiful!

  6. I like the quietness and reflectiveness that your work evokes; yet the colors are light and playful - this sets a wonderful mood.

  7. Love the colours in this quilt!. Great job.